Word has spread about our training at Phalanx Krav Maga and CrossFit!  Here are some of the words from some of our very happy members!  Don’t take our word for it though, see for yourself!

Alyssa I writes…

“Being a 26-year-old female living in this world can be scary. Learning Krav Maga has allowed me comfort in knowing that I will get home safely every night. In addition to the safety, the workout and inspiration have led to a loss of over 40 pounds and a rise in confidence across all aspects of my life. Walking through those doors was the best decision I’ve ever made!”

Keith R writes…

“I’ve been training in Krav Maga for over a year. I’m in the best personal shape I’ve ever been in and have lost 40 pounds. My confidence has skyrocketed, and the team training environment has formed life-long friendships.”

Syl writes…

“Krav Maga is the greatest form of fitness training I’ve ever done. Not only will you lose weight and tone up, you will learn how to hit, and hit hard. Krav Maga has pushed me to limits I never thought I could ever reach. It has not only taught me how to defend myself but has given me the confidence I never thought I would have. With Krav Maga you train with people of all levels of experience and body types, who push each other. As a woman, I believe Krav Maga is an important skill for all women to learn.”

Nelcy writes…

“If I did anything right it was joining Krav! Not only am I getting fit, but my confidence level has shot up and I’m learning how to protect myself. Best decision I ever made.”

NJ/SB Construction writes…

“I have been to many gyms in my life and can honestly say I have never encountered anyone more caring and motivating like the coaches/owners here. No matter what level of fitness you are currently at (beginner to elite), they will make you feel comfortable and start you in the right direction.

I’m about to turn 39 in the next week and I can honestly say I’ve never felt or looked better. I am so thankful to have met Tito, Johan, and the rest of the team years ago and look forward to being part of their gym family.”

Sevdiye Hajrulla writes…

“If you’re like me, then you might be a bit hesitant on trying Crossfit. Well I decided to give it a try after a friend highly recommended it and only expected to do the free trial and go back to my gym… Needless to say that was back in January and I have not looked back since… The coaches truly get to know you, your goals, and any concerns you have. While they offer group classes, you always feel like you’re getting that personal coach attention. Not only do they offer Crossfit, I also tried their other classes, Krav maga (Self Defense), Strike Fit, and Big 3 (heavy weight). Each of the classes are complimentary and help you get better at overall fitness. I have seen more results physically than I did on my own, and mentally as well. You achieve more than you ever thought possible and the coaches are there cheering you along the way. Super supportive staff, always willing to answer questions, and they are very knowledgeable given their experience and the passion they have for fitness and overall wellbeing of others. Oh and if you’re curious about the culture, all the members are super down to earth, it is a very supportive culture and you really feel like you’re part of a little family. Do yourself a favor and give the free trial a chance, you will not regret it!”

Karen Demos writes…

“First time back in a gym in a long time and I wish I had started at Phalanx Krav Maga and CrossFit sooner! I met this extremely knowledgeable staff after suffering a long-term medical issue. I didn’t think I was in fit enough to begin CrossFit but the staff made the necessary modifications so that I (or anyone of any fitness level) could complete the workout and feel a sense of accomplishment. Highly motivating and encouraging staff! Online classes during quarantine have kept me in the routine of working out. Highly recommend anyone looking for a gym join Phalanx Krav Maga and CrossFit!”


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